Finally after a week of soft resetting I got my Shiny Suicune :D He looks so awesome and cute XD My precious BABY!!! It was a long fight, all my pokeballs where used on him and I only had a masterball left, but that doesn’t matter XD He is my first shiny legend :)

Yep and there he is, my Shiny Carbink :3 I caught him with the repel trick :)

Started a new hunt :D I want a Shiny Carbink, these are the shinies I encounted before my treasure XD

Hell Yeah Shiny Metang! He didn’t want to be captured, but I got him -_-

Got Shiny Cubchoo finally :3

Shiny Smoochum is so rare and I caught one :D

I started a Shiny Smoochum/Cubchoo hunt this week and like always other Shiny Pokemon appear. I got 6 Shiny Vanillite -_-

But after 6 Shiny Geodude & 10 Shiny Durant horde battles. This little super hero appears. I am so f*cking happy! :D

Yeah, 3 new Shiny Durants! -_- Fuuuuuu!

Shiny Nincada :D

Shiny Nincada :D